Can’t Take Me Home

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Can’t Take Me Home is Pink’s debut album, released in April 2000. The album released three singles, There You Go, Most Girls and You Make Me Sick.

  • Alecia Moore – vocals
  • Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney – keyboards, producer, drum programming
  • Babyface – producer
  • Harold Frasier – producer, keyboards
  • Steve “Rhythm” Clarke – producer, drum programming
  • Will Baker – vocal arrangement
  • Steve Baughman – assistant
  • Kerren Berz – strings, string arrangements
  • Elliot Blakely – assistant
  • Paul Boutin – engineer
  • Jason Boyd – arranger
  • Josh Butler – engineer
  • Ralph Cacciurri – assistant
  • Chris Champion – engineer
  • Rob Chiarelli – mixing
  • Chrissy Conway – backing vocals
  • Lysa Cooper – stylist
  • Sharon A. Daley – A&R
  • Regina Davenport – artist coordination
  • Kevin “KD” Davis – mixing
  • Blake Eiseman – engineer
  • Daniela Federici – photography
  • Paul Foley – engineer
  • Sherree Ford-Payne – backing vocals
  • John Frye – engineer

Pink Thank You Note:

I dedicate this album to my daddy, my hero, my glue. First, if you’re taking the time to read this, then I thank you. (that is if you’re just interested and not looking for your name.) I  have been so many places and seen so many things, that it would take a whole nother to properly thank every soul that has touched my life or inspired me in some way. You know who you are, and so do I. I thank God for the ability to love all creatures and all things, and for the never-ending blessings of life and love. My father, my mentor, you have helped me more than most would help themselves. I LOVE U MORE! Mommy, thank you for loving me even when it was hard. I LOVE U MORE! Jason, thanx for making me a tough girl. Very proud of you Grace, thank you for loving us, we love you too. Sherita, without you I never would’ve made it. My portable peace. Mikey, my inspiration. I probably owe you some publishing, love you Matt, my angel, for whatever reason, I love u too. Shanique, from sleeping in cars to now to forever roadie for life. Peewee, for your pureness and good… never change. Chayna, my number 1 B*%$#. miss u girl.  Grandpop, look at the girl at the top of the page! Love u grammy. RIP GPMoore and GMKugel. RIP Sekou, I know you’re watching. Boo, we made a good team. Beth and John, love u guys. A.S.S.’S. posse, Jess L, April, Flanagan family, Anderson family, Jackson family, Epps family, the entire MOORE family. Twins and Chris B. N’DA HOLE Stds. I owe ya’all. Ben Y, Ryan W, Luke, Mike B, Melissa, Boog, Doug, John, Wop, BossHawg, Brian Sullivan, Sean Sullivan, Skratch and Smoove, Ryan and Ilya, DJ Storm, Shan, Sandy, Club Fevers, Casey, Daron (did you grab my a#s?) Shelton, Christian, Mack’s Cab Co., Benny, DJ REN, Rose Hawkins, ESOR COUTURE, Nikki, Josh, Emily, Elite modelling, Danny Meiseles & The NBA, Big Chuck, Durrell and Stonecreek, BOYS II MEN, Mrs Young, Mr Ohrt, Karen Fackler, Wendy Simon, Debbie Scarpell, Mr G, Woodward crew, Marvellous Stds, Crossover Stds, Sonic Stds, Theo (I’m counting the days), CD, Kid Cruz, Brian Jackson, Evan Lamburg, Marty B, and everyone at EMI Publishing, Aaron Phillips (I love you), Derek Khan, I love you because you’re fabulous, Richie, Mikey, Marco, Devyne, thank you for blessing me. Keep it coming. Adil & Shariff – thank you for your involvement in this project. Billy B, thank you for making me as cute as you. Sixx, Chris, Eddie, Chuck, Anthony, Jessie, Mike, Victor, Ivan.

LA REID: For always having my back and for seeing and believing in my vision. FACE: for believing in me and lending your genius to my project. Sharon Daly: thank you for giving me a chance. Phillana: you work so hard for me and I appreciate you so much! Go ahead and fly girl! K.P.: thanx for your personal AND professional help dawg. THE ENTIRE LAFACE STAFF PAST AND PRESENT. Special thanks to Lisa Cambridge, Mark Shimmel, Dorsey James, D.L. Garfield, Shanti Das, Davette Singletary, Sheri Huguely, Dolly Turner, Erica Hatchett, Sharliss Asbury, Keith Wooten, Cherie O’Brien, Courtney Taylor, Kiera Lytle, J.C. Ricks, Taiye Samuel, Kevin Weekes, Celeste Moses, Jon Marett, LaTesha Higgins, Eric Croone, Winston Ball, Steven Jones, Maureen Carter. THANX TO ALL THE TALENTED PRODUCERS (even the ones that didn’t make the album) Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Darryl Simmons, Kevin “Shekspere” Briggs, Dallas Austin, Soul Shock & Karlin, Specialists, Steve Ryhthm, Raphael Brown, and Ralph Stacy, Daron Jones and Lamont Maxwell, John Howcott & Donald Parks-HOP Productions, Presidential Campaign, Lady & A Tramp, Will & Pete, Ezekiel Lewis & Anthony Nance, P.A., Vada Nobles and Kilo, Jon John, Tricky & Sean, Kenny Smoove, Steve J, Greg Charlie, Joe Rich, Track team, McKinley Horton, Joe P and Jamm, Heeba Jeeba, 112. Scott Felcher and Evan Friefeld – THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH- FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END. Jerry Leventhal and family, THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH-FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END. Dave Meyers and the entire crew – YOU ARE THE BEST EVER. Justin Henry, Johnny Airtime, Neeko, Raphael Hughs, Mark Singletary (this is lifelong dog), Maceo Prince. BMG and ARISTA, Tom Maffei, Danny C (where’s my clothes?) Lance, Clive Davis. I love all radio and retail, especially KUBE in Seattle. WE ARE ALL PINK ON THE INSIDE. The beauty is in our differences.


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