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Funhouse is Pink’s fifth studio album, released in 2008. It released seven singles; So What, Sober, Please Don’t Leave Me, Bad Influence, Funhouse, I Don’t Believe You and Glitter in the Air

Pink Thank You Note:

What do I know at 29? I know that “things” are what we seek but “love” is beneath that. If “love” isn’t the foundation – then “things” will fall. For even if they stand – they mean nothing. I’ve had both – and if given the chance to choose… Soberly – I choose love. Humbly – I choose love. Wisely – I choose love.

I thank the following people from the bottom most depths of my resilient heart, for choosing love with me. ★ First, I thank Carey. You took my heart and made it bigger. Nuff said. ★ I thank Laura Jeanne Wilson for being the most loving and giving and consistent friend any one could hope for. ★ I thank my parents, Daddy Sir and Judy Sue, for bringing me into this world and loving me through everything after that. ★ My brother, my best friend, whom I depend on and am so proud of. ★ Grace, John, and Beth, all my love. Jen and Howard, I am happy you are part of this family. ★ I thank all of my true friends and not in any order. I can’t believe how great a collection there is. ★ I thank all the numerous bottles of wine that helped me express myself. France actually called, they’d like to have some of it back. ★ I thank Billy Mann for being an anchor, a cartographer, and a spiritual brother. True north. You amaze me. ★ I thank Butch Walker for allowing me to be me, raw and uncensored. Thanks for the laptop set up, and so much more importantly, for being my rock to cling to in a storm. I am proud to call you a friend. I can only hope that you and Billy need me as much as I do you, and that subsequently, I come through like you’ve done for me. Then, of course, my thanks goes to Nora and Gena for allowing them to be there at 3 am and on holidays. ★ Max Martin – I adore you – I respect you – I wish you were my neighbor. I thank the record company for ONCE. Tee hee. Joking. ★ Jooooooooohan – you f***ing rock. Give memo f***ing drum credit you DEATH METAL GAWD. ★ EG WHITE – what an incredible eccentric bucket of love you are. For the first hour I wanted to bolt! Every hour since, I’ve worshipped the ground you walk on. Thank you for making me feel original. ★ Danja – I’m grateful I was able to pin you down, and inspire you with my incredible vocals. (kidding) you are a sweet soul and I hope we can do it again. ★ Kara – I’m truly glad we could re-connect, years later, and that I could get you drunk while singing a song called ‘Sober’! You are a fierce woman! ★ Tony Kanal and Jimmy Harry – well, after 6 years of talking about it – FINALLY! Don’t take so long next time. I’ll need another album title and some more good times. ★ Gregg Wells – chess, laughter, insane piano, our binding walk to the grocery store, I adore you. ★ Roger – when I think of you, I automatically feel better, safer and smarter, and full of love and gratitude. Thank you for that. I feel like I won the lottery with you. ★ Craig – I am grateful for the years, and for every time you cursed me out… but also for our genuine connection and friendship. You always show up. ★ Nick Cua – words seem silly when trying to thank you. How could I possibly describe how every person that knows you or works with you is truly the luckiest person in the world? You are one of a kind. ★ Michelle – I am so grateful for you. You know I love you more than my luggage, weeza. K thanks, bye! ★ Barrie Marshall – they broke the old with you. I adore and thank you. ★ Kiira – your positivity is infectious and I humbly appreciate who you are and all that you do. Especially the dance moves. ★ Steve Manzano – thank you thank you thank you. For your energy, your spirit, and your boiled lemon water recipe. ★ To my Malibu crew, between you and the ocean, I’m healed. Thank you. ★ The band, Dancers and Crew: Jason, Mark, Justin, Eva, Adriana, Jenny, Vivian, Stacy, Mark B., Tony H., Bill Buntain (one of these nights I’m gonna follow you), Baz Halpin, Trent, Richard Young, Michael, Grubby, Dreya, Reina, Ruthie, Clare, Shannon, Leo and Allison. Every one on the crew on the last tours, we had such an incredible run and I couldn’t do any of it without all of you. You are my BDG’s. Thank you for your hard work and love. ★ Deborah Anderson – you make me beautiful. You are insanely yummy and talented and I will check out of a hospital for you any day of the week. ★ Andrew Macpherson – you are f***ing insane and good to the core and I so love everything about you. Thank you. ★ Jeri @ SMOG – your creativity and patience is amazing to me. Thank you. ★ Dave Meyers – our story has been amazing. I am so into us!!! Here’s to many more tequila shots at 7 am. ★ Yvette Beebe – what a life force you are. You light up every room you walk into, and I’m so grateful to share the space. ★ Trish-a-lish – once again, thank you. For all your hard work and for just being you. ★ Paul Starr – our short time together was amazing. Rest in love and peace. ★ Kathy and Danilo, thanks for making me feel good. And look good, but its how you make me feel, that I love you for. ★ Marco de Souza, Cris Araujo, Blas Flores, Amy Oresman, Marcia Hamilton and Hollie Williamson – Thank you. ★ JB- may there always be glitter in the air. And new notebooks. ★ Don Passman, Gene Salomon & everyone at Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown. ★ Paul Glass, Sandy, Josh and Shane Glass. ★ Tony Villanueva, I adore you. I’m thankful for you, our talks, the laughter and the luggage. ★ To Tom Lord-Alge, Al Clay & Serban Ghenea – thank you for taking these songs and lovingly making them better. ★ To my fans/friends out there in the world listening, still. Honestly… you girls and guys know me by now: don’t believe the hype. Believe yourself – seek knowledge. It’s power. F*** the headlines and the gossip, just be the best version of yourselves that you can be. I’ll try to do the same, and we’ll meet somewhere in the center. Always, you have all my love, all my gratitude, all my support. Thank you for that in return. ★ I am afraid to think of where I’d be without you… ★ Thanks to all the studios that let me make noise and spill stuff: Maratone Studios, Gene & Buzz & Cary, The Chateau Marmot, Electric Lady, The Magic Shop, House of Blues, 3:20 Studios, Westside Pacific and Malibuddha. ★ Barry Weiss, Joe Riccitelli and everyone at Jive. ★ Thanks to radio and retail, and all the promoters and venues that support me. ★ LOVE & Yumminess to all of you!

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