I’m Not Dead

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Released in April 2006, I’m Not Dead is Pink’s fourth studio album. It released six singles; Stupid Girls, Who Knew, U + Ur Hand, Nobody Knows, Dear Mr President and Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely). Cuz I Can was also released as a digital download in Australia.

Pink Thank You Note:

I thank GODess for every sunrise and for the chance to be better with each one. I thank GODess for wisdom, a sense of humor and the promise of change. Thank you my family, I am able to love and understand you more every day. Thank you for so much support. Mom, Dad, Jason, John, Beth, Trisha and Jen! Thank you Daddy for recording your song with me. I have always known you are amazing and now the world can know it too. To the 5 loves of my life: Nanni, Bailey. Foxy, Elvis and CAREY, my gorgeous husband! HA! Thank you for endless inspiration. I will thank Lieutenant Laura Jeanne Wilson every day for the rest of my life for sharing every joy and every pain, and then explaining it all to me. Craig Logan, you will always be my angel. Thank you for so much. Roger Davis, you are a force, a treat to be around. Thank you for your energy and support, and for carrying my bags through the airport. MY LOYAL FRIENDS AND FANS. What an amazing bunch you are. Thank you so much for listening, for thinking, for reminding me how important music is. ● T H A N K  Y O U ● Musically, I will first thank Billy Mann, my spiritual brother, for getting me the hell out of LA, and for getting me out of my head, for the talks, the serenades, the arguments, the lessons and the love. There will be no gone without goodbyes for us, and thank you for reminding me that I am not dead. ● Butch Walker, my wine enthusiast, my insta-friend, my “don’t help me up I just fell down 3 stairs and didn’t spill a drop” friend. You’re my rich mahogany and my whole wheel of cheese. You cut to the core of me. INDIGO GIRLS: Emily and Amy, you do not disappoint. Thank you for being heroes, for your talent and for sharing it and for being part of this important song. ● Many Many thanks to Mike Elizondo. To Max Martin and Dr. Luke, for such good wine and a great time. Greg Kurstin and Cathy Dennis. Marty Frederikson, Al Clay, Josh Abraham. Tom Lord-Alge, for always putting the icing on my cake. Serban Ghenea, Chris Rojas, Molecules. ● Thank you to the studios. The Magic Shop in NYC, House of Blues Studio, LA, Chateau Marmot, Conway, The Steakhouse, Tree Sounds Studios, Pulse, Remote Control, Phantom, The Studio in Philly, Echo Studios. Thank you to Tom Goyne at Sterling Sound, NY.

Thank you to all the engineers and musicians. Mylious Johnson, Rafael Moreira, Francesco Perlangeli, Josh Wilbur, Tim Roberts, Femio Hernandez, John Manes, Paul David Mager, Pete Wallace, Brian Malouf, Adam Hawkins and Dan Chase. ● To my band and crew: Janis Tanaka, Adrianna Balic, Jason Chapman, Alex Alesandroni, Nick Cua, Patrick Prendergast, Bill Buntain and Barrie Marshall. ● To my team who I could not function without: Don Passman and Gene Soloman for Gang Tyler Ramer and Brown. Paul Glass and Mark Thau at Provident Financial. ●Thank you to Jeri Heiden & Glen Nakasako at SMOG, Andrew Macpherson, Deborah Anderson, Dave Meyers (I love you). ● Thank you to my record company(s) in order of appearance: LaFace, Arista and Zomba/BMG. Thank you Clive Davis, Charles Goldstuck and Tim Prescott. Thank you Barry Weiss and everyone at Jive. Sam Lecca, for your years of hard work and help with all things visual. Thank you Theresa LaBarbera Whites for helping with this project. ● Thanks to m publicist Michele Schweitzer. Thanks to Jen Rade for the clothes. ● Thank you Kim Bowen, you are a goddess. Thank you Billy B, Alberto Guzman, Kristoff, Danilo. ● Tank you DVS, HURLEY, FOX, BURTON, GIANT AND DICKIES for all the hookups!!! ● Thanks to Anita, my dear popeye, for all your help. Also thank you Steven Manzano for your help. Thanks Lisa Garrett and Irene Taylor.  ● To all my BBQ, beer bong friends, thanks for the relief. To all the friends I thought I had – who knew? ● And to the world – FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT… T H A N K S – have a great time.

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