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Missundaztood is Pink’s second studio album and was released in late 2001. The album released four singles; Get The Party Started, Don’t Let Me Get Me, Just Like A Pill and Family Portrait.

Pink worked with 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry, Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Pink Thank You Note:

I dedicate this album to all the music lovers, lyricists, poets and all the incredible artists and musicians that inspired me along the way. Thank you Lord, for every breath I take. To my wonderful parents for that fateful day back in 1979, and for everyday since. To all my teachers that thought I was a bad kid, look at me now! To my brother Jason, I love you, thank you for holding me up. To Grace, for all your angelic ways. To John & Trish & Beth, I love you guys. To grand pop Kugel, look at the girl they call “Pink” uoy evol I ! To Grandmom Moore, love you. The rest of the extended Moore & Kugel family, we are one of a kind. To Linda Perry, thank you for living up to & exceeding my fantasy of you. You are the best that ever did it & I could;t have done this without you. To all my “friends” – and I don’t have that many so you know who you are. Also, Amasetta, Matt Epps and family. Mike Anderson & family, Sheri & Flanagan family, Shanique & Jackson family, Tiffany, thanks to Big Elf, Scratch, Redman, Mas Def, Mitch Ballard, Lil Kim, Mya & Christina, Trench. RIP Aaliyah. To all the producers that shared my vision & helped me to shock the world, you all were the perfect palette. Linda Perry, Damon Elliott, Dallas Austin, Scott Storch, Richie Supa & Marty Frederiksen. To Aerosmith & Steven Tyler, thank you for looking past the pink hair & believing in me – you are my inspiration. Jimmy Jam & Big Jim, to all the techs and assistants, you are appreciated. Doug & Carlton in ATL, Dave Guerreo, special thanks to Dave Pensado & Dave Way “its all in the mix”. To my management, Roger Davies & Lindsay Scott, thank you for accepting my challenge. Thank you to Craig Logan. To Christie & Zara, for letting me get on your nerves. To Janet for the support. Thanks to the legal team, Dan Passman & Gene Solomon. Thank you to Jerry Leventhal for keeping me sane, organised & paid! Thank you to Scott Felcher &Evan Friefeld. Thanks to everyone that helped me  make the last album happen, without that there couldn’t have been this. A special thank you to the two men that taught me “you can;t take anything with you but your deeds,”well I’ll see you on Judgement Day. To the others that tried to steal my soul, I dedicate “Eventually” to all of you. “Thank you” isn’t strong enough for LA Reid. You saved my life. You’ve been my backbone * my strongest support, I humbly thank you. To all of LaFace & Arista, thank you for keeping an open mind with me, and for your long hours of hard work, KP, Matt Shelton, Phillana Williams, Joe Mama, Sam (don’t 4 get revenge is coming!), Karen Kwak, Mark Shimmel, Steve Gawley, Theresa Wilson, Celeste Moses, Steve Bartels, Joe Reichling, Larry Mestal, Jordan Kalz, George Levendis, Matt Stringer, Eve Cantelmi, Adam Lowenberg, Laura Swanson, Frances Georgeson, Wendy Org, Glenn Deigado, Constance Schwartz, Chanel Green, Maureen Carter and all of Arista. Thank you Marty Bandier, Brian Jackson & Evan Lamberg at EMI Music Publishing for your passion & interest in my project & my life. Thank you to my stylist Derek Kahn for lacing me up with love. Sammy —— Robyn, Prudence, Mikey (the amo), Billy B miss you and love you bookie. Dean Bryant, thank you for ——— make you sweat! Alberto Guzman… “Cooking, cleaning, f***ing, sucking THATS! our daily routine ———– love you. Kristoff, for being so f***ing cool & for helping my hair not to fall out. Patti Wilson, for making ——— HOT! Devra Kinery & Jo Strettell – for transforming me into a really pretty girl. I loved working with all ———- ENTIRE VIDEO CREW – Dave Meyers, you are a f***ing genius & I love who you are. FM Rocks – You ——— rock. The whole crew, the best I’ve ever worked with. Thanks to Marty Kudelka,  for the steps to show ———— made people think I can dance! Eddie & Kevin, keep killin it, sparktivies! Josh & Ebony – you guys ————– Theresa Espinosa, appreciate & love it girl! Thank you Eric Bradley for your genuine love & support – ————— radio & retail & to the countless people that are never mentioned yet are so integral. Thank you ———– thank you! I love Q102 & Philly and all my friends and fans. Thank you for letting me do it MY WAY. God bless ———- last but not least, thank you & respect to all veterans, men and women, who have fought and died for the ———–doms that we overlook. And once again – WE ARE ALL PINK ON THE INSIDE! // PEACE & LOVE //

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