The Truth About Love

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The Truth About Love is Pink’s sixth studio album, released in September 2012. There were six singles released from this album; Blow Me (One Last Kiss), Try, Just Give Me A Reason, True Love, Walk Of Shame and Are We All We Are.

Pink Thank You Note:

This is my love letter to the person taking the time to read this: and to the people that helped make this record possible.

LOYATY something of a rarity these days, therefore something mysterious and wonderful. Also, something that for reasons beyond me, you all show me time and time again. Loyalty and Love.

From the tips of my toes and the depths of my ever expanding heart, I thank you for this loyalty, and love… For growing with me, for listening, for talking, for looking to me for support and to make some sort of sense of all the madness… For holding me to high standards and expecting from me the truth.

You have made me raise my bar, as a person, as an artist, as a writer, a singer, a performer, a woman, a friend, and human. You have made me less lonely. I’m grateful. I’m grateful for this dance we do together. I, like you all, have just been trying to figure it all out, put one foot in front of the other and not fall flat on my face.

I know the falls are inevitable, I’m just glad we’re always around to help each other up. That’s love.

I feel very proud of this album. Maybe because of Carey and Willow, I’m able to feel more, I’m not as afraid. I hope in the secret parts of me that are vulnerable and sensitive, that you love this record as much as I do. The tough girl part of me would say she doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks – but she’s small compared to the other part now. She keeps getting smaller. Although she’s always ready to get big again. And that bitch is crazy. So, enjoy! And if not, lie to me. That’s part of love too…

A few by name:

BILLY MANN – my brother, my confidante, I love you and you make me a better person just by knowing you.

BUTCH WALKER – my friend. I’m so grateful for all the times we’ve shared all over the world and your talent is immeasurable.

MAX MARTIN AND JOHAN – for all the years and time and for the push and pull.

GREG KURSTIN – holy shit, man! That was like a tornado of fun! You made me cooler. And I’ll be cursing you and your genius for these high notes.

DAN WILSON – you are thoughtful and so, so wonderful. It was an honor to write with you.

EG WHITE – the mad scientist, you spirit is inspiring and infectious. I adore you!

EMINEM, KHALIL – I love our song and I love you both.

NATE RUESS, JEFF BHASKER – what an amazing day, and my God! An amazing song!

ROGER DAVIS – thank you for kicking my ass over and over into gear, and for your patience with me and your belief in me. I would follow you off any ledge, anywhere and anytime 🙂

CAREY ❤ – We’ve been on this roller coaster for a decade. Through 6 albums you are my muse, and I’m grateful that you continue to amaze me and piss me off so that I have something to write about.


JOHN X AND ELLIE MAY – thank you for providing us with a safe haven of good vibes.

See you on the ROAD!

☮ ❤ P!nk


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