Try This

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Try This is Pink’s third studio album, released in 2003. Four singles were released from this album, Feel Good Time, Trouble, God Is A DJ, Last To Know.

Pink Thank You Note:


Firstly, thanks be to GOD – the inner voice, light and guidance in my life. To the people that have opened their hearts, ears and minds to my energy and music, to the “fan” in all of us, we make it all happen.

To my mom and Dad – for unconditional strength and love and for forgiveness. My brother – my best friend and the coolest guy I know. For Corky, thanks for soaking up all my tears through the years that I needed you most. You will never be replaced or forgotten. To Grace, a human angel on earth. To John and Beth and Trisha.

Grandpop Kugel, I love you. Granmom and all my extended family and friends.

Craig Logan and Roger Davis – two men I will always vouch for – thanks for your support and enthusiasm (and I’m thankful I don’t have to pay your cell phone bills), and to Christie LaRocque. To LA Reid, for our struggles and friendship and for allowing me the opportunity to fail.

Paul Glass, Kelly Macleod and everyone at Provident. Jerry Leventhal for all the years. Don Passman, Gregg Harrison and Gene Salomon at GTRB for kicking a**. To everyone who helped me on the first two records – it’s why I’m here today.

Lieutenant Laura Jeanne Wilson – the most amazing woman I have ever had the privilege to know. You have changed my life. Your spirit is so powerful. I respect and admire you and know you are going to change the world. I am a lucky girl.

Tim “Timmy Marie” Armstrong – for taking a chance with me and for being one of the greatest human beings on this earth. You are a good friend and an inspiration. (And Lars, of course, my butterfly).

Linda Perry – for being my safe place for a long time. We sure created a monster, didn’t we? Damon Elliott – my big bwova, love you and I love our song. Billy Mann – what an incredible force you are – thanx for helping me change my life. To all the people who inspired me to write this record.

To everyone at Arista/BMG worldwide – who work their A**ES off for music, and Steven Tyler, my friend. Peaches – by far the hottest chick in my time. I love you. RANCID & TRANSPLANTS & CREW – U GUYS ROCK MY WORLD. All the musicians and engineers, the studios, the mixers, you all don’t ever get enough credit but are the most important. Sade, Annie Lennox, Steve Stevens and Billy Idol, CANDY A** (my girls, sisters, mothers, fathers, therapists and my favourite people).

My bandmates (my adopted family) and crew. Alex Alessandroni – ti amo baby. Robin Antin. MTV, VH-1, Clear Channel and all radio and retail, thanks for your support. Nanny, Bailey and F***er – Mommy loves you. My “Glam Squad” for making me cute as can be. Alberto Guzman – I will love you forever. Billy B – you f****** c***, I love you. Trish, Daniel, Derek Khan, Kurt and Bart, Susan, Rachel, Kim, Elle, Tom, Erin and Kim Bowen. My beautiful video directors and friends Dave, Sophie and Francis. Jeri at SMOG, Steven Webster, Nancy at Preferred Travel. HURLEY, DICKIES, Fox ad Holistic Fitness, Vanessa, my new friend.

To everyone I’ve forgotten. Last but not least, to Carey for helping me through a tumultuous couple of years, for so much love and laughs. For being a beautiful person. I will always love you for that. To WOMEN EVERYWHERE – “the revolution starts at home.”

Thanks a bunch… Embrace the freak that you are! ♥ ☮


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