Welcome to the Pink History Lyrics Site!

Welcome to the Pink History Lyrics site!

Here you will find all the lyrics to Pink’s songs; from singles to album tracks, b-sides to live only songs. There will also be videos links to go with the songs.

How To Use This Site:

There is a drop down menu to all the different sections at the top of the page. However, not all of the lyrics are accessible from the drop down menu.

If you know a song that you are looking for, simply click on the album section at the top of the page, and there will be a track list, where you can click on the track title which will take you straight to the lyrics page of that song. Alternatively you can use the search option just under the header artwork.

All lyrics have been hand typed by Pink History for the album tracks, either from the lyrics in the album booklets, from listening to the tracks or from google searches, there may be some mistakes (even though I have checked over the pages a lot!), so if you notice anything wrong, please contact me using the contact information HERE. The ‘B-sides, Unreleased….etc’ section of the website was mostly used from lyrics websites, especially for the cover songs.

Sources of information:

  • The booklets from Pink’s albums
  • Various lyric videos on youtube
  • letssingit.com
  • azlyrics.com
  • Wikipedia
  • As always, a big thanks goes to Operation Pinkies for the artwork on this site.