The Greatest Hits… So Far!

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In 2010, Pink released her first greatest hits album to celebrate 10 years in music. The album contained four new songs as well as many previous hits, including Get The Party Started, There You Go, Trouble, Stupid Girls and Who Knew.

Pink Thank You Note:


Well, L.A. Reid, you gave me gas money straight out of your pocket, and I’ve gotten more than hugs from all of  you, that’s of’ sho.

I can’t say that I’m completely cured, but I’ve exorcised every demon I’ve found so far. And the best part for me, truly, is that I feel like I’ve done that with you. It wasn’t just me out there, trudging through the mud. You all got dirty with me. You all picked me up, kept me going, shouted your support and then shared your story as well. In every way, it’s absolutely true that I could not have done this without your participation, passion and the pain that we all share and, eventually, celebrate.

Thank you for encouraging my imperfections. Thank you for letting me experiment and try to find myself over and over. Through this music, we found each other. Screaming at the top of our lungs. Laughing. Crying. Making fun of myself. Making fun of everybody else. All over the world. We’ve crossed oceans and language barriers to be together.

There have been countless people that have come into my life and helped me along this path, this journey, whether for a day, a week, a project, a year or a decade. While it is true that putting out a Greatest Hits makes you feel ancient, it also makes you feel really proud. So I added a “so far”, as I’m really just hitting my stride, and have so many more people to piss off, so many more musical avenues to travel down. The best is yet to come.

I couldn’t make anyone understand in writing how grateful I am for the loyalty you have all shown me. I can only hope to continue to deserve it. These new songs are for all of you. I wrote them for the underdog in all of us. Never let ’em see you sweat, people. And as my Dad always says, “Throw your head back, spit in the wind and show these assholes what you got.” I don’t think he was talking about most people, just the critics. I think?


Alecia aka P!nk aka Fatmama aka Chi Chi Marie aka Cheesecake aka…


Before I even say a word, I want to tell Roger Davis that he pisses me off. He pisses me off because he won’t ever let me tell him how much I love him, owe him, respect him and thank him. Most of these thanks that follow are possible because of him. He has believed in me more than anyone: he saw something in me which I still don’t see sometimes. He has enthusiasm that most people would kill for. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world… when I’m not avoiding him because he wants me to do something. Hahaha. Thank you Roger.

Ok, so three years of thanks is hard enough, but a decade of them is impossible, unless I could have thirty pages to fill. I live in a constant state of gratitude towards all the people in my life that I work with now or have worked with in the past. There are so many people who have altered the course of my life. Most of you in a good way. 🙂

Adil and Sharif, Jam and Joe… I forgive you. And not only do I forgive you, but I wish you well and  I’m grateful for what I learned from you. Shannon Flanagan and Chrissie Conway, thank you for the hours of practise and the years that we shared. Sharon Daly, thanks for listening to our demo tape.

L.A. Reid, what can I say? I miss those days. We were like family. Thank you for caring. Really, deeply, truly caring about me and my craft. It couldn’t have happened any other way. To all the staff back in the day at LaFace Records. The good old days. Thanks for humoring this crazy white girl.

To my collaborators, Darryl Simmons, She’kspere, Babyface, Tricky and Sep, Soulshock and Karlin, Dallas Austin, Specialists, Steve Ryhthm, Raphael Brown and Ralph Stacy, Daron Jones and Lamont Maxwell, John Howcott and Donald Parks – HOP Productions, Presidential Campaign, Lady & a Tramp, Will & Pete, Ezekiel Lewis and Anthony Nance, P.A., Vada Nobles and Kilo, Jon John, Kenny Smoove, Stevie J, Greg Charlie, Joe Rich, Track team, McKinley Horton, Joe P and Jamm, Heeba Jeeba, 112, Scott Felcher and Evan Friefeld, Linda Perry, Damon Elliott, Scott Storch, Tim Armstrong, Gregg Wells, Kara DioGuardi, Tony Kanal and Jimmy Harry, Danja, Greg Kurstin, Steven Tyler, Peaches, Gentleman, Redman, Rockwilder, Billy Mann, Butch Walker, Max Martin and Shellback. To all the mixers and engineers that make it all go down, thank you.

To my touring family, who pound the pavement with me: Nick Cua, there aren’t words adequate of you to be thanked. You make it all worthwhile, for all of us. Bill Buntain, thank you, I adore you. Yvette/Serena, you are a goddess woman. Jason, Paul, Eva, Janis, Kat, Justin, Rafael, Mark, Mylious, Stacey, Jenny, Vivian, Leo and Allison, Seb, Addie, Nikki, Reina, Kemba, Lindsay, Eddie, Punch, Kevin, Marty, Dreya, dreya, drier. Who knew that day you made me wrap myself in a silk and fall from the ceiling that it would become to be this big a part of my life? Thank you. It’s worth the pain. Thank you to Baz Halpin, the genius. Mark Fisher, Richard Young. My entire crew. Chef Jason, Robbie. Horst Hartmann, Chris Madden, Larn Poland, Trent O’Connor, John Brian, Dash and Stuart and everyone!!!!

Barrie Marshall, thank you for your heart and passion. Michael Coppel, thank you for helping me to do “okay” in Oz. Peter Rieger, thank you for bringing me to Germany. And keeping me in Germany.

The record company for pushing and pulling me… Barry Weiss, Denis Handlin, Joe Riccitelli, (you are the only reason I still have a job in America and you know it), John Fleckenstein, Janet Kleinbaum, Edgar Berger, Stefan Goebel, Stefan Guntner and everyone all over the world busting your ass for me. Thanks to Tom Donnell, Jeri Heiden, Andrew Macpherson. Thanks to my friend Dave Meyers, for the years and years of fun and psychosis that are our videos. You are a creative genius and a really great guy, and I love you! Thank you to Nancy Chapman, you are a bulldog and it is really funny watching you do your thing. Thank you to Don Passman, and Gene Solomon. Thanks to Cole for making all these videos. And thank you to my buddy Jose Gomez for the coffee and the attitude. 🙂 Thank you to Bob Mackie for even considering putting clothes on this poon. And Joe McFate, you two are amazing, thanks to your whole team. Thanks to Michaela Travers, for all your hard work on and off the road. Thanks to Craig Logan for all the years of love and travel and songs and passion and friendship. Thank you to Tony Villanueva, for the years that you busted your ass for not only me, but the whole team. Thank you to Kiira, for being caring and funny and light and awesome. Thank you to Laura Wilson, even though you made everyone else’s life harder just by being amazing. You have been my best friend, my mother, my brother, my sister, my therapist, my doctor, my everything. Thanks to Billy B, Alberto, Danilo, Kathy, Rachel, Trish, Derek, Rob, Patty.

Thank you to my Mom and Dad and Grace and Howard and Jason and Jen and Maddie and Beth and Steven and John and Trisha and Ryan and Emily. I’m so grateful to my parents for hopping on planes to come and see me across the world, for cheering at my shows, for letting me openly work through our issues. I know you didn’t choose this life, I did, but you’ve supported me through it in such an unconditional way. I just love you so much and I see you in me everyday and it makes me proud. Thank you for loving me because I know it wasn’t easy.

Carey. You have been with me through almost all of this. You’ve told me I looked hot when I looked like an idiot, you’ve held my hair back, held my hand, held my heart. You’ve waited patiently for me at times, and made me wait when I needed to be humbled. You’ve travelled all over the world to be with me. You are the most important thing in my life, and you gave me a chance to realise that. I wouldn’t want to do any of this with out you. I’m glad it’s still you.

To my fans, friends, I dedicate all of this to you girls and guys. Thanks for giving a shit. And thanks for sharing. You have made my life matter. We have fun, don’t we? And as always, a big fuck you to all the critics and negative nellies out there. Cheer up 🙂


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